Month: April 2019

Treatment Center Reviews

LiftOffWe have lift off!

We’re introducing a new reviews section soon for treatment centers, for those of you just starting out on the addiction recovery journey.

We don’t have sponsors and we won’t have any in future- so these will be the closest thing available to impartial opinion, as is available.

We’ll be bringing you inside experiences, and personal accounts, of how our users have experienced the alcohol and drug treatment programs, in a variety of addiction centers, across the globe.

This will be a useful point-of-reference for those seeking treatment, or thinking about it, and should make clear what each center expects of you (and what you should expect of them!)

Everything from daily routine in a center, to funding availability, alcohol/substance types treated, etc.

These centers do tend to vary wildly in what they deliver, and to what standards.

So hearing from the community on these topics will be important.

Do you have any specific requests? Please let us know at Thanks!